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Renewables Generation

Renewable power generation, such as solar and wind power, has an intermittent nature. This means the amount of electricity they produce can vary depending on factors such as weather conditions.

“I think about taking care of the little ones at home during the cold and keeping them comfortable. Power isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity. We need it 24/7/365.”

Kirk Kempson, Linemen, serving First Electric’s members since 2002

Solar power relies on sunlight to generate and is not suitable for base load generation — because it is not consistently available during the day, at night, or in all weather conditions.

Wind power relies on wind blowing to spin the turbine blades and generate electricity. However, the wind does not always blow at a consistent speed. Sometimes it is too strong, and other times it is weak or not present at all.

Hydropower generation is a way of producing electricity using the power of moving water, such as rivers, dams or waterfalls. It is a renewable energy source because water is continuously replenished by the water cycle.

In contrast, baseload power generation, such as coal, natural gas or nuclear power, are more consistent and reliable in their electricity production. They can provide a steady and constant supply of electricity because they are not dependent on weather conditions.

Kirk Kempson, Linemen