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What are your hours?
Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
How do I report an outage?
Please call 888-827-3322, text "OUT" to 85700 or use our mobile app to report an outage.
How do I pay my bill?
We offer many ways to pay your bill. You can pay using our First Electric mobile app, our website, our office or by calling 844-729-3322.
How do I get new service?
You can request new service by completing an application on our app or you can call 800-489-7405.

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Coping with an Outage

Before the outage

  • Keep alternate sources of light on hand. It could be a flashlight with extra batteries, candles, kerosene or oil lamps. Keep your alternate light source in an established place when it can be found easily in an outage situation.
  • Have a battery-powered radio available. The radio will bring you weather reports, local news bulletins and other important emergency information. 
  • Stock emergency food and related items along with a manual can opener. (Click here for a list of necessities.) Keep your refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible to reduce the chance of food spoilage.

During the outage

  • Confirm the outage. Check lights and appliances in other rooms. If you still have power in some areas, most likely a fuse or a circuit breaker in your house has blown. If all lights are off, check to see if neighbors' lights are also off.
  • Report your outage by calling First Electric at 888-827-3322 or logging into SmartHub. Dispatchers will use this information and direct crews to the source of the problem.
  • Protect your appliances. Turn off large appliances that come on automatically and disconnect sensitive equipment, such as computers and TVs, to avoid damage from lightning or a power surge. If all of these appliances come back on at once, they might overload your home's electric circuits. Leave a single lamp turned on to let you know when your electric service has been restored.
  • Never touch downed power lines or anything contacting power lines. Although you may see lines that are down, they still could be energized. Never attempt to move trees from power lines. Let qualified First Electric personnel handle the clearing and repair work.

After the outage

  • Give the electrical system a chance to stabilize gradually by reconnecting the appliances you previously disconnected. When the power first comes back on, turn on only the most essential appliances and wait a few minutes before reconnecting others.
  • Before switching back on your heating unit, check the outdoor unit to assure that the fan and outdoor heat exchanger are free from ice and snow.