Working Near Power Lines

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Unfortunately, people often see the cleared expanse of the cooperative’s right-of-way as an ideal location to install a billboard, operate large equipment or build a structure.

State law requires any person, firm or corporation that wants to work within 10 feet of First Electric’s overhead energized electric lines or conductors to complete a form and return it to the Arkansas Department of Labor’s Safety Division. The 10-foot clearance applies to any part of any machinery, equipment or materials, as well as any employee or person, according to Arkansas Code § 11-5-307.

Anyone wanting to work within First Electric’s right-of-way must provide three day’s written notice and make arrangements with the cooperative before any work begins.

The form – titled “Reporting Form For Work Near Overhead High Voltage Power Lines And Conductors” – may be downloaded by clicking here.
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“We will work with anyone who must use the co-op’s right-of-way,” said Tim Felty, right-of-way maintenance supervisor. “However, we want to make sure that any work is done according to the law and with safety as the first priority.”