Energy Advisor

First Electric Cooperative's Energy Advisor is an online application that provides answers to your energy questions. By entering some basic information about your home, the calculator estimates your energy bills and potential savings. In just a few clicks, you can see how much savings is likely on your energy bill by making home improvements or adjusting your thermostat.

Using data from our local weather, typical home construction and energy-use histories, the calculator estimates your home's energy costs. Select the characteristics that most closely resemble your home, then click calculate. The calculator produces approximate monthly and annual energy costs for your home. Next click on "View Chart" to see an annual energy use pie chart showing how much each of your home's major appliances use. Hover your mouse over any section of the chart to see dollar amounts or click "View Details." Click "E-Mail Report" to have a written report delivered to your e-mail address.

Have you wondered how much adding a room will cost or if it would be worth it to lower the thermostat or tighten up your home? Try changing any of the variables in the calculator and you will get an instant assessment of dollar savings or expense you can expect. Try our Energy Advisor today!

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