Levelized Billing

If your electric bill is subject to extreme fluctuations due to seasonal usage, Levelized Billing can smooth out those peaks. With Levelized Billing, you will know what to expect on your electric bill. The amount will be approximately the same month after month — even throughout peak cooling and heating periods. It does not reduce your electric bills, but it will even out your charges and help you manage your electric bills.

With Levelized Billing, your electric bill is calculated by adding your current actual electric bill to your previous 11 months' total and dividing by 12. The purpose is to help make your electric service costs easier to budget because you receive approximately the same size bill each month. This plan is especially valuable for anyone on a budget or limited income.

Members who wish to be enrolled in Levelized Billing must meet the following requirements:

  • Member does not currently have a deposit, guarantor or military waiver;
  • Member has not made more than two payments after the due date in the last 12 months;
  • Member has not had more than one returned check in the last 12 months;
  • Member has not had service suspended in the last 12 months; and
  • Member has not tampered with meter.

There is no charge for using Levelized Billing. This is a service that we provide to our members to make it easier to budget their electric bills. To enroll in Levelized Billing, call 1-800-489-7405 or visit a First Electric office.

First Electric app

To enroll using First Electric app - log in, from the Contact Us screen select Levelized Billing and send request. A member service specialist will be in contact with you.