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Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
How do I report an outage?
Please call 888-827-3322, text "OUT" to 85700 or use our mobile app to report an outage.
How do I pay my bill?
We offer many ways to pay your bill. You can pay using our First Electric mobile app, our website, our office or by calling 844-729-3322.
How do I get new service?
You can request new service by completing an application on our app or you can call 800-489-7405.

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Security Lights

Automatic security lighting can provide additional safety and convenience for your home, farm or business.

LED security lighting is available for new installations, replacements for failed existing fixtures and member’s upgrade requests.

  • A 100-watt LED equivalent is only $7.87 per month plus taxes and applicable adjustments. There is a one-time connection fee of $25.00 for new installations.
  • If a member requests to upgrade their light to an LED, a $45.00 trip fee and $70.00 fixture upgrade charge is applied for the replacement of an existing fixture.
  • The monthly rental charge includes all electricity needed to operate the light.
  • If an additional pole is required to mount the security light, then there is an additional charge.
  • First Electric personnel will replace bulbs and maintain the light at no additional cost.
  • The automatic sensor tells the light to come on at dusk and to go off at dawn.

To have a LED security light installed, replaced or upgraded. You may also call 800-489-7405.

Security Light Reporting

Please check the appropriate box below to report a security or street light that is not functioning.

If you’re a member who is paying for a security light that is not functioning, please select Option 1.


If you want to report a public street light that’s not working, please select Option 2.

Please give a detailed description of the location when reporting. Repairs are completed during daylight hours, making it difficult to identify the non-functioning lights. If you have multiple security lights, be specific on which light is not functioning. If you are reporting a public street light that is out, give as much detail as possible. Landmarks are good identifiers to help us pinpoint the specific light.

Note: Please do not submit sensitive information such as social security number or credit card information in this form.

Option 1: Report Member Security Light Out

Option 2: Report Public Street Light Out