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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Finding a Place at the End of the Road

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Finding a Place at the End of the Road

Posted on February 28th, 2024

As we go through life’s many hills and curves, we sometimes find ourselves at the end of the road, deciding which direction we should take. For the Knapp family, their place at the end of the road was right where they were always meant to be.

Located at the end of Sunnyslope Road in Prim sits a center point for this small, country community. An establishment that began building its family legacy in the early 1950s, W.C. and Bess Knapp had planted their roots in Prim to build their farm and their family. After retirement, they decided it wasn’t time to slow down but to embark on a new adventure by purchasing the local hardware store then, eventually, the neighboring gas station.

W.C. ran Knapp’s Grocery while Bess served as the local postmaster; the building also housed the post office. This corner lot at the end of the road has served many generations in this community. From early morning breakfast and dominos to late dinner service for the occasional night owl and to the farmers’ feed, supply and tools to keep equipment running for another season, Knapp’s Grocery has since been providing merchandise and a gathering stop for this community.

Many years have passed, but their legacy of dedication and hard work has been passed down the generations to their grandson, B.J. He and his wife, Amber Knapp, started serving their community by providing Knapp’s Poultry Supply to area chicken farmers. After W.C.’s passing, the couple purchased the family store one day and opened the doors to their new life the next.

Their hard work and commitment hit an untimely road bump just a few years into their ownership. On the morning of Feb. 22, 2022, a tornado drove through the area and took part of the store with it. Seeing their years of work come to a halt, B.J. remembers standing in his tracks not knowing which direction he should start moving. With the push of his loving wife, Amber, and their deep belief in Christ, they built their corner of the world back again. After the storm, B.J. remembers local First Electric Cooperative crews staying onsite to restore the power and provide at least a little light for the task ahead.

Today, if you journey to the end of a two-lane road with many hills and curves, you find a corner where laughter, love and hard work have been passed down through generations.

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