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What are your hours?
Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
How do I report an outage?
Please call 888-827-3322, text "OUT" to 85700 or use our mobile app to report an outage.
How do I pay my bill?
We offer many ways to pay your bill. You can pay using our First Electric mobile app, our website, our office or by calling 844-729-3322.
How do I get new service?
You can request new service by completing an application on our app or you can call 800-489-7405.

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Member Basics

Member Basics

Posted on September 28th, 2022

Joint vs. Single Membership

People who are served by First Electric Cooperative can have a joint or single membership.

A single membership lists one name on the account and bill. Only that person will be able to inquire about specific account information or make changes to his or her service. In addition, only the person listed may vote in the cooperative’s annual election.

A joint membership is two persons who are married to each other. Both people may inquire about account information or make changes to the service. Although only one vote is allowed per membership, either may cast the vote.

Members who would like to add or remove a person from their account may call 800-489-7405 during regular business hours. A member service representative will be able to explain what form and document(s) are needed to make the change.

Update your contact information 

Updated contact information is very important during an outage or other times when First Electric may need to reach you. Please call 800-489-7405 or use our free mobile app to update your contact information.  

How to report outages

Power outages may be reported 24 hours a day. Remember to report your outage any time your power is out and do not assume that others have reported it. Here are ways to report an outage:

Call 888-827-3322
If the automated system doesn’t recognize your number, it will ask for one on file. You may either enter the number using the touch-tone buttons or by saying the number aloud. If you wish, you may leave a voice message with your service address and details about the outage. The system will provide an estimated time of restoration if one is available at that time.

Use the First Electric app or website
Download First Electric’s mobile app in your app store, set up your account and use the report outage feature. Report outages through SmartHub (go there now). First Electric’s app and login especially works well for members with multiple accounts.

Text notification
Get notified by text when an outage occurs, and we’ll notify you as soon as your power is safely restored.

To enroll in text notification:

  • Create a new text message from your phone
  • Type “FECC” in the body of the message
  • Send to “85700”

Your cell number must be on file with First Electric in order for this free service to work. Call 800-489-7405 to add your number to your account. Please allow 24 hours for the system to update your information before enrolling in text notification.

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