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Getting to Know Your Board Members: John Roland

Getting to Know Your Board Members: John Roland

Posted on October 28th, 2022

John Roland joined the First Electric board in June 2022. He represents our members in the Perryville district. Mr. Robert Hill retired from the board in April 2022, and John ran a successful campaign and won the board seat for a six-year term. John said he sought the position on the board to encourage progression, growth and strong relationships between First Electric and the community.

John is a lifelong resident of Perryville, where he resides with his wife, Beth. He is a small business owner of two pharmacies, one in Perryville and the other in Mayflower. He is the current Mayor of Perryville. He has served on the Perryville City Council; School Board and Chamber of Commerce. His service didn’t stop there, he was part of the Adult Day Service Center Board and the Senior Citizen Board of Perry County. Not to mention being a founding member of the Perryville Planning and Zoning Committee and an active member of First Baptist Church in Perryville.

I asked John what has been your biggest “surprise” since you joined the board? He said the diversity of the cooperatives has been the biggest surprise. John went on to say, “Not only does First Electric have Connect2First, but our statewide has a broad reach with Electric Research and Manufacturing Cooperative, Inc. (ERMCO) and Today’s Power, Inc (TPI). The co-ops are constantly thinking outside the box to expand their services and reach through diversity and innovation. Their expansion into other markets is impressive.”

“Many people think of First Electric when they flip the switch, but we’re so much more than that with the addition of Connect2First,” said John. He believes the co-op’s quality of service will bleed over into the internet business – and I completely agree!

John’s commitment as a board member is to work tirelessly to explore all ideas, projects and member concerns that are presented. We’re excited to have him as our new member, and we’re thrilled with the experience he brings with him.

If you see John, shake his hand, and feel free to share your thoughts on First Electric and how we’re doing!

Rick Love

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