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"Aren't You Glad We've Got Em!"

Posted on August 31st, 2021

If you love the outdoors, you and I definitely have something in common. It had been a full week of non-stop meetings and way too long since I’d truly taken some me time. Checked my schedule and it was clear for the day. 

The next thing I knew my wife and I had loaded up the canoe and other gear and headed for the Buffalo National River. It was a slow float with only an occasional carry or drag.

The landscapes and the water, as you probably know, were breathtaking and afforded respite from the daily routine as well as the heat. During the float, filled with cool breezes, each turn promised another great view.

Then there was a break in the tree canopy and a transmission line appeared. While it wasn’t quite as breathtaking as the bluffs, I was immediately reminded of the tagline back when it was known as the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism —“Aren’t you glad we’ve got ‘em!”

A few years ago, a new transmission line was needed to feed the Olmstead substation to provide duplicity; or, said another way, to provide more reliable electric service to our members. I must tell you, as a resident of Olmstead, the new transmission line, which can be seen clearly through my kitchen window, does not lend itself to the view I once enjoyed.

At first it was all I saw, but after a while it blended into the landscape and became “normal.” So, while I imagine you’d agree that there are prettier things to look at, giving access to the right-of-way crews to clear foliage is a small price to pay for reliability in our electric service.

At the end of my “me” day my mind had been cleared, my soul refreshed, and my thoughts returned to service. Thank you for understanding and supporting right-of-way necessities and please join me with this reminder — aren’t you glad we’ve got ‘em!

Rick Love, Chairman

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