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Service Driven, Not Profit Driven

Service Driven, Not Profit Driven

Posted on December 30th, 2020

That is a phrase you do not hear often in business. Typically, it is profit that drives a business. However, at First Electric service is what drives us. We are owned by those we serve, and we take that responsibility seriously.

As the co-op matures, so do our members who were part of the early electrification. Many have great childhood memories to share. I believe the stories stir strong feelings that solidify the relationship with our founding co-ops members and the service we still provide today.

Ron Malnar, a life-long co-op member, reached out to me and shared this, “Tonight I read your column in Arkansas Living that gave some history of the co-op. It caused me to think back 60+ years. The extent of our electricity use was a refrigerator, four pull-chain lights and a box fan.” He went on to say, “I carried water from a pitcher pump in the front yard in an eight-pound lard bucket. I sure do enjoy that water being pumped into the house via electricity along with the other comforts it brings.”

The year 2020 has been challenging. Some of us might even exchange it for the chore of carrying an eight-pound lard bucket of water; however, that’s not an option. I think we are all looking forward to 2021 and the potential to return to some type of normalcy in our daily lives. I pray that you and your family have a healthy, safe and prosperous 2021.

Thank you for your membership in First Electric and Happy New Year from your board of directors and employees at First Electric!

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