First Electric Coronavirus Response - IN THE MATTER OF ADMINISTRATIVE ORDERS RELATING TO THE COVID-19 STATE OF EMERGENCY, DOCKET NO. 20-012-A ORDER N0. 1, outlines the Emergency Order. It’s also available to First Electric members upon request.

Know How to Spot Phone Scams

Know How to Spot Phone Scams

Posted on June 23rd, 2020

First Electric members have reported many incidences of bill payment phone scams. 

The caller usually will tell the member that their electric bill is overdue, and the  electricity will be shut off if the member does not pay  either over the phone immediately or purchase a prepaid debit card and call back. First Electric does not use either of these payment methods.

Scammers typically stress the need to act quickly. First Electric will not threaten members in this manner. The co-op strongly urges members to protect their credit card and checking account numbers, account user names, passwords and Social Security numbers to avoid theft of money or identity.

Those who want to confirm they are speaking with a First Electric employee are encouraged to hang up and call the co-op’s toll-free number at 800-489-7405. Anyone who has been contacted by one of these scammers is asked to notify First Electric.

Members may pay their bill securely by calling 844-PAY-FECC (844-729-3322), by paying online or by using the free First Electric app.

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