First Electric Coronavirus Response - For the safety of our members, customers and employees during the COVID-19 outbreak, our lobbies will be closed in Bryant, Heber Springs, Jacksonville, Perryville and Stuttgart until further notice. Drive-thru services will remain open at all locations from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Stuttgart office will have a payment drop-off at the front entrance doors. Members can still make payments and manage their accounts through the First Electric App. Learn more. IN THE MATTER OF ADMINISTRATIVE ORDERS RELATING TO THE COVID-19 STATE OF EMERGENCY, DOCKET NO. 20-012-A ORDER N0. 1, outlines the Emergency Order. It’s also available to First Electric members upon request.

COVID-19: A Shock to Our Daily Lives

COVID-19: A Shock to Our Daily Lives

Posted on May 1st, 2020

COVID-19 has been a shock to our daily lives. Typical activities like dining out, going to the store or hugging a friend have become foreign. From the east coast to the west coast we have been told to keep our distance from neighbors, family and friends.

During these unprecedented times, First Electric is prepared to keep the lights on for our members. As an essential service like health care facilities, grocery stores, water and other utilities - it takes an enormous amount of people to keep them online to ensure some form of “normalcy” in our lives.

To keep a healthy workforce, we have restructured work schedules over the past month to minimize contact among employees and adhere to the CDC standards. Alternating current is something we’re accustomed to working with, but an alternating workforce isn’t.

Safety is and will always be the top priority at First Electric; however, it’s taken on a broader meaning. It now encompasses vigilant hand washing and sanitizing practices, avoiding close contact, staying home when sick, wearing face masks and constant cleaning. We do this for the protection of our members and employees.

Our lobbies have been closed since March 16 until further notice. Disconnects have been extended to help alleviate the stress of trying to pay bills during turbulent job layoffs. We also have several options that members can utilize to help pay their bills – extended due dates, prepaid billing and LiHEAP assistance.

In closing, the board and I want to extend our sincere appreciation to the employees at First Electric who continue to keep the lights on when you need it most. We applaud the dedication and sacrifices they make during uncertain times.

Please continue to stay safe so we can rejoin our neighbors, family and friends.  



Rick Love, Chairman

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