Members Fund Donations to 15 Local Nonprofit Organizations

Members Fund Donations to 15 Local Nonprofit Organizations

Posted on July 28th, 2020

Thanks to members who participate in Operation Round-Up, $20,500 was donated to 15 local organizations in July.

These members volunteer to have their bill rounded up to the next even dollar amount each month. That money — an average of $6 a year — is used for donations to local organizations and for college scholarships. To date, Operation Round-Up has donated more than $1.21 million.

Donation recipients include:

Garland County
• UU Computers for Kids, $1,500.
• Cooperative Christian Ministries and Clinic, $1,000.

Lonoke County
• Beyond Boundaries, $1,500.
• Options Pregnancy Center, $1,500.

Monroe County
• Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Monroe County, $1,000.

Perry County
• Perry County Arts League, $500.
• Renewal Ranch, $1,500.
• Perry County Historical Museum, $500.
• Adona Volunteer Fire Department, $2,000.
• Perry County Day Services Center, $2,000.

Prairie County
• Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Prairie County, $1,000.

Saline County
• Imagination Library of Saline County, $1,500.
• Civitan Services, $1,500.
• New Beginnings Pregnancy Resource Center, $1,500.

White County
• Pangburn Fire Department, $2,000.

NOTICE: Capital Credit margins are allocated or assigned to members who belong to the cooperative during the year in which a margin is generated. Margins are allocated proportionally based on the amount a member paid for electricity during the margin year. The amount of capital credit allocated for First Electric residential members for 2019 is 7.69%. For other rate classes, please contact our office at 800-489-7405. 

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Pictured: Renewal Ranch in Houston, AR is a program for men struggling with substance abuse issues. The $1,500 donation will be used to purchase classroom curriculum materials for the program’s residents attending 570 hours of class while completing the six-month program. (Photo from 2019 submitted by Renewal Ranch).

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