The Mix Matters

If the price you pay for electricity matters, the mix matters.

The smart solution to providing the power we need is to do what is right for the environment and the members we serve by using a balanced combination of generation resources. With more than 500,000 members in 75 counties throughout Arkansas, the 17 distribution cooperatives and Arkansas Electric Cooperative Inc. utilize wind, water, biomass, solar energy, natural gas and the cleanest coal technology available to power communities throughout the state.

With the right mix, reliable, affordable power always will be a reality in Arkansas. The goal of the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas is to stay ahead of our members’ energy needs and lead the way for a balanced approach.

The Hard Facts on EPA’s Carbon Dioxide Reduction Rules:

  • Contrary to statements being made by certain groups and individuals, Arkansas is not “well-positioned” to implement this rule.
  • This EPA rule will hurt Arkansas families, farms, businesses and industry, which happen to be among the poorest in the United States (Arkansas ranks 46th nationally in per capita income).
  • This rule treats Arkansas in an unfair and onerous manner – the rule would force Arkansas to reduce its CO2 emissions by 44 percent, which is the seventh highest reduction requirement in the United States. Coupled with Arkansas’ extreme poverty level, the EPA reduction target is harmful.
  • This rule will force some of our most economical power plants to shut down.
  • When coal plants are shut down and replaced with more expensive natural gas plants, electric rates will increase by 10 to 30 percent.
  • As coal plants are shut down and more reliance is placed on natural gas plants, grid reliability will go down. This last winter’s experience, with extremely cold temperatures and natural gas shortages, more than proves this point.
  • Any claims that renewable energy and energy efficiency can replace baseload power plants are erroneous. Energy efficiency can help reduce customer usage, but it is not a substitute for a power plant and neither are intermittent renewable resources, which are not available 24/7.
  • The EPA rule will cost you more, threaten reliability and result in lost jobs only to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions by less than 1 percent.
  • The comment period ended Dec. 1, but you can visit for updates about the regulations and other issues affecting electric cooperatives.