Energy Efficient Products

Below are some of the energy efficiency products that First Electric marketing representatives have experience with in the field.

  • ESS Energy Products — Energy Guardian Kits for hatch, door and ladder covers (The company participates in the Co-op Connections Card program. 
  • SmartExhaust Delay timers for bathroom exhaust fans
  • The Chimney Balloon
  •  Attic access covers, chimney draft stoppers, dryer vents, doggy doors and attic fan covers
  • Alternative to a 24/7 hot water circulation system
  • Ecobee Thermostat Programmable thermostat with wifi accessibility for control and usage monitoring/history reporting.
  • Nest A smart thermostat

Please note that similar products are available. First Electric does not endorse a specific brand or product and encourages members to research the best option for their home or business.

First Electric's energy audit program can help members identify products and other improvements that can help them save on their energy costs. Call 800-489-7405 for more information.