Electric Safety Programs

Each year, First Electric educates hundreds of people – both children and adults – on how to stay safe when near electricity.

Two programs are key to the cooperative’s efforts: the high-voltage electric safety demonstration and the electric safety magic show.

Magic show

“Safety is the top priority at First Electric, not only for our employees, but also for those in the communities we serve,” said Tonya Sexton, vice president of marketing and communications. “One way we do that is through Scott Davis’ magic show at schools and community events. He entertains the children while teaching them the importance of electrical safety.”

Davis, who lives in Hot Springs, has performed his “Making Accident Disappear” show to thousands of children since it was commissioned by the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas about eight years ago.

Through a series of tricks and audience participation, Davis engages children as they learn to stop, look and think when near electricity. His safety tips for children (and adults) include:

  • Stay away from power lines.
  • Do not mix electricity and water.
  • Do not stick anything other than a plug into an electric outlet.

Safety trailer

Armed with their protective gear, First Electric employees show the dangers of coming into contact with energized power lines. They also discuss the basics of electricity, from why maintaining the right-of-way is important to why lights occasionally blink.

“The safety trailer is a small replica of our electric system,” said Jerry Driskill, vice president of operations. “We’re able to demonstrate how the equipment on our system works and potential hazards to the public and why it’s important to stay away from power lines.”

At no charge, First Electric personnel will bring the cooperative’s safety trailer to fire departments, schools, businesses and other groups in the service area. Driskill said the demonstration is tailored to the age and needs of each group.

For information on scheduling a safety trailer demonstration or a magic show, call 800-489-7405.


Safety Programs

A First Electric serviceman demonstrates why people should avoid all power lines, even those that might be on the ground following a storm. Magician Scott Davis presents his "Making Accidents Disappear" electrical safety show. A Girl Scout tries on the safety gear First Electric linemen use in the field. Volunteers help Scott Davis teach their classmates to stop, look and think when near electricity. Junior high students learn why they must avoid power lines and other electrical equipment. Magician Scott Davis teaches elementary students how to stay safe while using electricity.
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